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Ethos Jamu – The Alternative Natural Health Products That Work


Ethos has a very solid fourteen year track record of sourcing and supplying the very best natural health products from the four corners of the globe and all of which deliver outstanding health benefits and results plus they all do exactly what they say on the tin. We are very excited now to bring you the very latest range of innovative and cutting-edge health products all of the way from Bali in Indonesia.

Jamu is a range of natural herbal supplements in sachets and and capsules which we know you are going to be absolutely delighted with the benefits that you see and feel from using them. We currently have eleven different products in the Ethos Jamu natural healthcare products range and they address many of the most common problems and ailments which we start to experience as we age.

You have more than likely already heard of Chinese herbal medicine and Jamu is very similar but it originates from Indonesia. It is said to have originated over 1,300 years ago from the Mataram Kingdom and was heavily influenced by Indian Ayurveda medicine. Jamu is a natural herbal medicine made from the fruits, leaves, bark and the roots of indigenous plants and trees from the region. Jamu is traditionally sold in sachets and is used to make a hot refreshing drink sweetened with honey. Some of the products we also have available in capsule form as well.

Ethos Jamu has been exclusively prepared for us by one of the leading Jamu manufacturers in Indonesia who use only the very finest of ingredients and good manufacturing practices so, as always with the Ethos brand name, you are assured of the very best quality products available anywhere in the world. We are convinced that by adding Ethos Jamu to your regular healthcare regime you will very soon be enjoying their amazing health benefits.

1. ETHOS JAMU ‘Powder Sariawan Usus’ – Gastric Relief Sachets
Naturally Combats Peptic Ulcers, Stomach Aches & Heartburn – Order Now


2. ETHOS JAMU ‘Orangin’ – Anti-Ageing Elixir Sachets
Naturally Stay Healthy, Fresh & Youthful – Order Now


3. ETHOS JAMU ‘Ulu Hati’ – Healthy Liver Sachets
Prevents & Cures Liver Ulcers Naturally – Order Now


4. ETHOS JAMU ‘Uratan Kapsul Botol’ – Gout Relief Sachets
Reduces Joint Pain & Swelling Naturally – Order Now


5. ETHOS JAMU ‘Encok’ – Rheumatism Relief Sachets
Natural Relief from Rheumatic Aches & Pains – Order Now


6. ETHOS JAMU ‘Pentugin’ – Kidney Stone Relief Sachets
Dissolves Kidney Stones Naturally – Order Now


7. ETHOS JAMU ‘Tensicare Sekalor’ – Heart Doctor Sachets
Lowers High Blood Pressure Naturally – Order Now


8. ETHOS JAMU ‘Putri Ayu’ Woman’s Relief Sachets
Combats Period Pains Naturally – Order Now


9. ETHOS JAMU ‘Tensicare Sekalor’ – Heart Doctor Capsules
Lowers High Blood Pressure Naturally – Order Now


10. ETHOS JAMU ‘Kolesdon’ Cholesterol Control Capsules
Lowers Cholesterol Levels Naturally – Order Now


11. ETHOS JAMU ‘Hati Sehat’ – Healthy Heart Capsules
Maintains Heart Health & Aids Digestion Naturally – Order Now



Contents: 7g of Ethos Jamu powder. Dosage: Take 2 sachets daily.

Instructions: Mix the contents of 1 sachet with 1/2 a glass (100 ml) of boiling water & add 10-20 ml of honey (2-4 teaspoons) to taste.


Contents: 60 Capsules.

Dosage: Take 3 capsules daily.


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N.B. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition and have not been evaluated by the FDA.